Calling all women to discover their inner Maverick

Mika Race
I’m walking in my truth, and that is my superpower.
Mika Race

Meet Mika

Mika Race has been an entrepreneur and public speaker for more than two decades. Having traveled many miles, her heart-pounding energy, rawness, and authenticity cannot be matched. Her God-given talent of storytelling passed to her from her late grandfather, Charles, shines through as she holds an audience like no other. Book Mika’s rich keynote session as the highlight of your next event.

Not only is Mika a professional business coach, she’s also an incredibly inspiring leader and speaker. Book her for your next event!

Mika Race

Keynote Address

Come Out of the Cave


Life Maid Full TM

This faith-based podcast is made for those who want to unlock their inner Maverick and be inspired to unlock their inner potential. Mika is a Certified Business & Life Coach and keynote speaker traveling nationwide to small businesses of all industries to find their direction and speaking at events to inspire people to live up to their potential.

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