Not only is Mika a professional business coach, she’s also an incredibly inspiring leader and speaker. Book her for your next event!

Mika Race

Speaking Topics:

Strategy • Faith • Calling • God’s Gift • Becoming a Maverick

No matter what life has handed you, you have the power of choice, God’s gift to humanity.

God will never invade any area of your life without your YES.

There is always one move left.

Are you ready? 

Inspired Reviews

“Several different churches were represented at the Women’s Conference held at our church over the Summer. Reports were still coming in of how the Lord used Sis. Mika to speak into the lives of so many different women and “read their mail,” even weeks after the conference.

Mika poured out everything she had and she proved that she isn’t afraid to crawl in the pit to pull somebody else out.

It was a great honor having her as our guest speaker!”


– Pastor Andy and Ashley – Paint Lick Church of God Saylor, Kentucky

Mika Race

Press Kit

Mika Race is an entrepreneur and powerhouse speaker, as well as a life and business coach. She has been a public speaker for over two decades.

Her entrepreneurial journey started in 1997 at the age of twenty-four. She has since gone on to build all of her businesses from the ground up, becoming the first millionaire in her family.

Mika lives in Ohio with her husband, Doug, and has two children, Douglas and Kristie, and five grandchildren. Mika lives out her faith in a big way and believes every woman can too.