Aging is a gift.

I shared a very vulnerable post recently on IG and the backstory to the post is this. I had just finished filming an updated video of our eminent domain case when the creator of the video said “Do you want to see what it is going to look like?” Of course, I said yes. Well, let me tell you the only thing I saw was those necklines. My goodness, I stood there staring at them on that screen and thinking there was zero chance this video was going public. But, I kept it to myself. I was thinking maybe he can edit them out or something right? Well, he sent me the finished video which by the way took him seven hours to finish and I immediately said NOPE it is not going out. Then I heard the sigh in his voice and I knew he would do what I wanted. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? But hold on, that is when something beautiful happened, and I remembered something. If there’s one thing I have learned in this life it is this. When things are hard you can either run from them or face them. So, that is exactly what I did. I gave the green light for the video to go liven Youtube, and I made a video in the raw on IG showing those necklines. Those necklines have been with me my whole life. And they are not going anywhere. Funny how little things can become big things if we let them. Yes, those necklines are deeper but guess what so am I. They are not supposed to look like when I was ten. I’m not ten. I’m going to be 51 in April. If I can encourage any woman who is struggling with aging. Embrace it. I remember I could not wait to turn fifty. It felt like such an achievement to earn that fifty status. Seriously, I could not wait. Aging is a privilege. Taking care of yourself is a privilege. Showing the world how to do it is an extreme honor. Be gracious to this version of who God has created you to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Mika Race



Here is the link to my IG post. Leave me a comment if this post helped you, please.

The Power of Your Voice

Mika Race

The backstory to this picture; It was the summer of 2022. I was asked if I would like to speak at this stage, which was a huge honor. Of course, I said “YES” without hesitation. I had been public speaking for over two decades at that point; however, I knew this time would be monumental for me because I knew it was time to share the biggest SECRET I had been carrying my whole life. Only my family knew my secret. Let me give you some of my history.

I married young, and if I am being honest, I have never dated or had any boyfriend other than my husband. ”Gasp, I know ” (or at least that is most people’s reaction when I share that.) You see, I became a wife and a mother at the age of 15. While other girls my age were preparing for H.S. and all that brings, I was preparing for a baby. A BABY. Looking back now, all these years later, I can see God’s hand so tightly guiding me every step of the way. Isaiah 43:19 states God will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. And that is what he has done all my life. Now you probably think that was the big SECRET. No, it’s not because that is much easier to say than what I am about to share with you.

So, here it is, I did not graduate from H.S. Even writing that still feels very raw and vulnerable. The best way I know how to describe that kind of vulnerability is like being naked in front of a crowd. It’s that HEAVY. I asked God” WHY” I had to share that part of my story. He said, “ because you can not share the sweet without the bitter.” When I turned 48, I felt nudged in my spirit to get my real estate license.

My husband and I are real estate investors, so it made perfect sense to learn all I could about the market “right.” HaHa God has a sense of humor. Here is why. As I was filling out the application, it asked, you guessed it, what year did you graduate!!!! Are you serious? God knew I would not LIE. I love that he knows me so well. So, imagine what I did. I went back to school. Yes, at 48. Some of my family asked, “why would you do that? You are already successful; if anything, you are an example of  a “self-made millionaire.” But, I knew it would release me from the SHAME I had carried all those years, which would no longer be able to hold me captive.

So, what should have taken me 18-24 months to complete took me two months. It was 24/7 studying and pausing everything in my life, literally. I cried, fasted, prayed, and prayed some more. But, finally, that last brick was removed from my chest, and now I own my STORY, my TRUTH, which is my superpower.

Thank you, God, for complete FREEDOM.

Reader, can I encourage you never to stop dreaming. Never settle for anything less than God’s fullness over your life. It is a life that can not be measured.

Hear Your Rhythm

Let me start by saying it has been a long journey to start a blog. I see more and more how much I love writing and storytelling. And good at it. I will begin with a moment that happened in the spring of 2022.

I was standing in the church today, and the worship team was singing. I heard three words, and it shook me a little. I’m not going to lie because God’s voice is very still for me most times, but not today. No, it was very matter-of-fact and straightforward. Let me back up just a minute; a few days ago, I made an IG post stating you can not hear the time, smell time, or see the time; time does belong to us but to God who created it. You can not see or feel faith. Faith is blind. So today, to my surprise, when I heard three words, I immediately prayed for God to teach me and give me insight into them. Now for the three words READY, here they are. ‘HEAR YOUR RHYTHM.’ Hear your rhythm; what does that mean, God? Please tell me. And this is what I know he is saying in this hour to me, to you. We can be running full speed ahead and getting nowhere fast. For me, it’s as though if I’m not moving and sprinting, I feel stagnant, and that word is not in my vocabulary. I have goals that require me to be proactive, and I measure them by weeks, months, quarters, and yearly. Goals need you to have a pulse on them at all times. But what if God told me, Mika, you could break the code if you can hear your rhythm? It is like breaking the code to the SAFE; in it lies the VALUABLES. I believe what God is saying is he will advance us light years ahead when we hear our rhythm.

Mika Race Speaker

I recently read something that left such an impression on my mind. It said, “destroy the idea that you must constantly work or grind to be successful.” Wow. I know. Somehow along the way, we got it mixed up, like, really mixed up. What if we can hear our rhythm and be so sensitive that our feet can feel it and instantly know it’s time to MOVE or it’s time to STOP? What if we can hear it? What if God is saying REST when it is time? RUN when it is time. HEAL when it is time. What if God is saying when you hear it, you won’t have to work so hard because I will multiply, not subtract? Wow, imagine that. One becomes two, and two become four just by hearing our rhythm. So today, lose the idea of YOU running so hard that you can’t slow down enough to HEAR what God is saying. Hearing sometimes involves silence, and silence requires stillness.

Stillness so much that if a feather dropped, you could hear it. Yes, that still.

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